Friday, March 16, 2007

MSN Plus Format

Hi people, I had fixed a lot of bugs this week in the MSN Plus Parser, so I want to know if you still have any problem with these nicks, please send me the nick and the log that is show in the console, to fix the problem. I hope you enjoy this nice feature.


Diogo said...

Hey, its me again, i just instaled the new rev. from svn, wow, everything is working fine now, all my contacts are showing as online. thanks a lot, now im using monkey messenger as my official msn client. But, here is more feedback and suggestions and that stuff just to try to help you:
- i think the window icons (those on the top-left corner of the window) should be in better resolution, like 48x48, because for people like me who uses AWN it looks very ugly on the menu bar, i tried to find where the icons are stored but didn't find so if you could help i would be glad.
- i think the tray icon should be optional. It would be really nice to have an option for that.
- Maybe in the conversation window when some one sends you a new message his name on the tab should turn another color.
- and finally maybe you shold implement something that would verify if the client is still connected because a lot of times I've noticed that the client was still showing as connected but the connection was not active, maybe implement a loop that from time to time would send some kind of ping to the server or so.
sorry for posting all of this here. and thanks a lot for this wonderful app bye

Diogo said...

ops 1 more - i dunno if its because maybe its not implemented yet, but i cannot change my nickname and my personal message, i can change it on the fields but it wont change on the server. I connected in another computer with another account and whatever i write there my name is always "Diogo - < put here your personal message >" thanks again

Thiago M. Sayão said...

Diogo: the bug is fixed on Rev. 166. It's now possible to change the name and display message again.

Thiago M. Sayão said...

Diogo, about the suggestions:

Window Icons: Will take a look into that.

Tray Icon: This probably will be put into a plug-in so it will be optional.

Conversation Tab: We will implement that for sure.

Client Still Connected: This is probably a bug somewhere, will take a look.

jess said...

hi umm i just downloaded msn plus and i accidently locked it i wanna noe how to unblock it thanks