Sunday, March 18, 2007


As requested by some users, it's now possible to distinct blocked contacts as well as block and unblock them.

Thanks to Vinícius Depizzol for making the blocked icon.


ounn said...

I didn't know you program. I am using since yesterday. And i really like it. Just one question. How can i enable the plugins available? I just can see the gconf but i really like to try the notification.

Jaime Rave said...

Hi ounn, the plugins aren't available yet because of some changes that had been made. But you will see them soon

ounn said...

ok, thanks anyway.

CDJ said...

Hola, teneís pensado hacer una versión para 64 bits? mucha gente os lo agradeceremos. Muy guapo el proyecto. Saludos.

Xangel said...


El monkey messenger tambien funciona en 64 bits, lo digo porque si le das doble clic (o dpkg -i ) se instala perfectamente.

Thanks for the project.

jAume. said...

Hi. Good job, I like it. When will you start doing translations? I could translate it into spanish and catalan.

elena said...

me gustaria tener este messenger monkey

Raul said...

hi.Great job by the way =) i really like it. I hope you don't mind if I ask a few questions because I didn't find anywhere else to put this so here it goes:

I can't open the Preferences dialog..why is that? I'm running through the terminal and no error messages pop-up. Is this feature not implementes?

I can't send files either.

I simply click, and nothing happens

Pablo said...


Lo he probado porque lo ví en meneame y la verdad es que está muy guapo, va a ser el que use a partir de ahora. Creo que deberiais mover el blog a una página web con gestor de contenidos porque creo que se va a hacer una comunidad grande en torno a la aplicación.

Lo que más hace falta es el envío de archivos a parte de todo lo que está hecho pero por lo demás... un 10 por la interfaz.


Pablo said...

Por cierto, un bug.

Suelo poner mi msn a la derecha, cuando paso el cursor sobre un contacto muestra la imagen fuera de la pantalla.

Diogo said...

first of all i want to say thanks because i can see that the developers are really reading all the user suggestions i i've never seen a project with such fast responses and bugs corrections. like the problem that my contact list was no showing and all that stuff, and all the answers the developers gave me.
and here i am again, to give another sugestion/bug, since i use avant window navigator the icons on my dock are shown based on that little icon on the top-left corner of the window, i uses large icons, and monkey messenger was using 16x16 icons, causing avant to resize and the avatar looking ugly, and im not a c# programer but i found where to change that icon resolution, so i made a change that worked for me, on ChatWindow.cs on line 606 i just changed the 16, 16 for 48, 48 and now my icons are in hi-res and are looking better on the dock. i dont know if you guys really want to implement that, since if you're using a normal taskbar you wont see any changes,
thanks you all guys.

Jaime Rave said...

you can send me the diff to take a look (the command is svn diff > changes.patch), also as i said before you could subscribe to the mailing list and send your changes there. My email is jaimerave (at) gmail (dot) com