Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The End

It's time to move on, so i am officially announcing the end of the project. The project was great for me to learn new things, but i lost interest when i stopped learning, so i don't find joy on developing it anymore. I will be starting a new project, not related to IM clients.
The code was released with the MIT license, that means you can use the code. Feel free to re-license any parts of the monkey messenger code (except the MSNPSharp library which inherits the DotMSN license).

Thanks for everyone who helped me with code, bug reports, icons, ideas, complaints.. :)

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Longest TODO list entry ever: Fix P2P

Just forget about the last post, i will continue developing Monkey Messenger, and perhaps Monkey Talk will born some day :)

The reasons for continuing Monkey Messenger:

1 - There are more people trying to fix p2p, like the pymsn guys. And they do a great job, specially oleavr. This guy rock :) They just choose a bad language (yes, i don't like python) to do it.
2 - I spent too much time doing it, don't want to throw it away :)
3 - I don't quit, ever! I do change plans, but this is not the case :)

About Telepathy:

It's nice, and my work on MSNPSharp can integrate with it.

About Emesene:

I would join forces with them, but i just don't like python :)

About Python:

1 - I like compiling things, it reduces bugs;
2 - I like to define types to my variables;
3 - Where is the damn switch ? (Note: python doesn't have switch, makes me laugh hehehe very funny);
4 - I can't just call wsdl.exe SoapService.wsdl and everything starts working like on C# :);
5 - It's slow;
6 - I'm not a l33t hacker that uses emacs or vim, and there is no good IDE for python, except for eclipse. But, did i mention that i don't like java? :)
7 - Just ONE good way to do it? Why there are so many python frameworks? It's just contradictory.

It's just like religion, politics and football teams, there are many people with different opinion, and i will just not change mine so soon because i like C# very very much :)
And please, no need to curse me, i don't mean to offend :) It's just my stupid opinion.

About the MSN Docs:

There are no good documentation for it. The good part of the docs are about the Nameserver part. This is the easy part, i can just debug it with Wireshark.
The hard part is the p2p part, and the docs are either incomplete or wrong.


Tuesday, August 7, 2007

MSN Stinks

That's it! MSN Sux very much. I can say it because i know half of the things that happens inside it. If half of the things sux, i can say it sux! :)
The major problem is, i don't know the other half part to make any complete work out of it. And if i can't finish it, why insist?

I will be thinking about migrating (read evoluting :) Monkey Messenger to google talk. What do you think? Maybe Monkey Talk :)


Thursday, June 28, 2007

We should smile more!

Here it is, emoticons on the contact list has landed the repository. You can now smile much more!

openSUSE users now can enjoy using Monkey Messenger too. I have downgraded the requirements to gtk-sharp 2.8. Next step: Emoticons on labels/text entries!