Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Clickable Hyperlinks

As some users requested, the hyperlinks are now clickable For now monkey messenger assumes that you use Firefox. I will add code to detect the browser later.

The latest revision also adds code for the Preferences window. I will be doing this soon because a lot of users complained that clicking the preferences menu does nothing. It does now, but shows an empty window for now, until the code is not complete.

That's all folks, keep the feedback coming.



Bakasia said...

Pueden colocar un paquete deb en la pagina de SF con estas mejoras por favor

Vinicius Depizzol said...

If you use the command "gnome-open [url]" instead of "firefox [url]", it will just open the default browser ;)

César said...

but what if I don't use gnome?

In my laptop I changed the code to only have the url as the argument, removed the firefox thing and it works but it seems that in some machines it crashes monkey eventhough is a standard C# code and is how I do it in Windows.

jAume. said...

I can't compile revision 171. You can found the log here: http://jaume4.googlepages.com/logmake

Diogo said...

niice! i check every day to see if a new revision is out!