Thursday, May 31, 2007

Fixing MSNPSharp Direct Connect

This week i've spent a lot of time trying to fix P2P direct connection. It still doesn't work but i learned a lot of the msn protocol (really, a lot) :)

If you feel like helping me, grab the MSNPSharp code and try it :) You can use WireShark to intercept packets and see what's going on:

You can use aMSN to receive files and then use monkey messenger and compare the two WireShark results. I did it, they look the same and still doesn't work. Maybe it's a different ACK or something... something is different, this i can guarantee :)

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brodock said...

i like the work you do with your project... i'm also enthusiastic of eMeSeNe project, a python implementation of msn messenger with live protocol... i think your both projects have similar goals and are with similar development stage... i think you two can share knowleadge to have both a better final result.

by the time i don't have the time or knowleadge to help neither of the projects as i'm dedicanting to learn java at the university and at my job... i'm also learning ruby and RoR by fun at my free time... i already developed things with C# but i have little idea how to work with protocols and things like that, maybe sometime in the future i can join the project to be of somehelp. by the time i will watch it and try to blog about :)

thanks for all