Sunday, June 10, 2007


For those wondering what is happening with the Monkey Messenger development: I'm still working on the MSNPSharp library to fix bugs, fix P2P Direct Connect (fast file transfers) and other things. It takes a long process of debugging since the various versions of the official MSN client differ from each other. For example, WLM subtracts -3 for the LocalIdentifier after the session request and MSN 7 does not. This sux for me since i get a big trouble considering all the different cases.
I will probably just move to MSNP13+ and forget about the older versions. I wonder if there are much people using Windows Messenger 7...

Thanks to everyone sending fixes and bug reportings :)

See ya!

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Ocioso said...

Thanx for all your work, it is the best option in my opinion to forget the MSN7 and just keep working in the MSN13.