Friday, May 11, 2007

Chuck Norris uses Monkey Messenger

Some friend of mine told me that Chuck Norris, Steven Seagal and the Predator are using monkey messenger. So be cool like them and start using it! What are you waiting for?

UPDATE: I've heard that Rocky Balboa just started using monkey messenger!


José Daniel said...

You have to put some .deb upgraded packages at sourceforge first, I think. Monkey Messenger sounds cool, and It is. But is really hard for a normal person who comes from windows to download the sources and compile by it's own self... Come on! Everybody is looking for a Monkey Messenger out there!

guillaume said...

First of all: great job, really. I just saw the UI tweak you made, really great but i have one complaint :p

the conversation layout is a little bit confusing now, personally i liked it more when the timestamps was displayed at each message, it was less confusing and more precise about the time the message was received.

and just a suggestion: you should do a TODO list so people who want to help but don't know exactly where to start could easily find something to do and submit patch :p

Diego said...

I know a lot of people who would use monkey msn if then know it...
but then will not install it unless the are an easy way... (most of then just dont know how to compile it :S)
a .deb file in sourceforce, or even better a ubuntu repository (mayby this is ask too much...)
aniways, thanks for this gread job!!!

higi said...

I also really like Monkey Messenger. There are many issues that make me not use it.

To start with, I believe that when you install Monkey Messenger, it should add a link to the program in "Applications/Internet".

I would also like that when I close Monkey Messenger, it would minimize to the tray.

Another interesitng thing would be that Monkey Messenger showed me the "Display Pic" of my contacts without having to open a chat window with them.

To sum up, I would like a Spanish version of Monkey Messenger!

I wish you my best!

. said...

I could translate it.

salrio74 said...

There are a .deb package in, for ubuntu user, I supose that is posible to install in debian too.

Its the yesterday svn version ..

reve51 said...

I'm an user of Ubuntu and i installed MM by .deb, it's very good program for msn, compliments.
If i can i should leave a suggestion: the font of the comments is too small and if click the X the program close and don't remain the icon

Jul10 César said...

@MonkeyMSN Devs:

I love your msn client but I'd like to sort my contacts "Online/Offline" and change the name of my contacts (nickname them). I don't know if that's too hard to do.

Great app, keep on the good work! :)

Jul10 César said...

Here's a link for the .deb package (made with checkinstall):

I gonna make package (with checkinstall) in a regular basis and post them here :)

PS: The .deb package in SF have to be updated.

Jul10 César said...

Sorry, the package url:

Monkey MSN