Thursday, June 28, 2007

We should smile more!

Here it is, emoticons on the contact list has landed the repository. You can now smile much more!

openSUSE users now can enjoy using Monkey Messenger too. I have downgraded the requirements to gtk-sharp 2.8. Next step: Emoticons on labels/text entries!



Diego said...

gread job

Anonymous said...

excelent, i'm a openSUSE user and I've problems whith the dependencies

thanks you very much

SckyzO said...

Hi, the new SVN url is now :
svn co monkeymessenger


Thiago M. Sayão said...

thanks, i have updated the web page with the new link :)

Nimbus said...

Hi there. How goes the work?

Thiago M. Sayão said...

Hi :)

Still working on the MSN Lib (MSNPSharp) fixing the p2p code.. it's a lot bigger than i expected :)

Nimbus said...

Alright. I really like what you have done so far so I just had to check on the progress a bit. :)