Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Implementing MSNP15

I'm currently implementing MSNP15 on MSNPSharp. I have been trying to implement the SSO auth, but i don't want to write xml strings and send it over, i want to be able to serialize and deserialize the messages, like SOAP web services does :)

The problem is.. Microsoft does not make the WSDL (at least i didn't find it) for the Windows Live Id web service. So, if you feel like making a boring xml file reverse engineering the SSO thing, be my guest :)

Here is the link:

And.. sorry for not working on Monkey Messenger directly, i want to finish this first so Monkey Messenger can move along and support other things :)



CyberThijs said...

Have you already upgraded MSNPSharp to MSNP12,13 or 14?
Or are you skipping all those versions?

And wouldn't it be a good idea to keep the current MSNP11-code in the library, and let the developer/user decide which version he wants to use? I'm very pleased with the stability of the current library, and I would be very sorry to have to choose between staying with this stable release and getting behind on bug fixes etc, or having to risk a somewhat more unstable library.
I think that it isn't to hard to implement, the structure of the library doesn't require any big changes...

Thiago M. Sayão said...

Hi Thijs,

Well, i will go directly to MSNP15, but it means i will have to look into 12, 13 and 14 too.

I'm thinking about leaving 11 and just make new classes for 15, so the user can choose (11 or 15).

CyberThijs said...

I admire your bravery, because I've got the impression that MSNP15 is only very little documented..

It's a big challenge, but if you succeed, it will give an impulse to many other projects that are lingering to implement MSNP15.. (ex. Pidgin)