Saturday, February 24, 2007

New build system

Today i had fight with the autotools system. I started loosing badly but then after a deep breath i have won the fight :)

So now to install Monkey Messenger you can do:
make install

To run, just execute "monkeymsn"

If you already have the source code, just type "svn update" to get the latest revision.

You will need at least:
gtk-sharp 2.10
mono 1.1.17 (older versions might work)
mono classlibs 2.0
gmcs (mono compiler with generics support)


UPDATE: If you are getting Makefile errors, make sure you have automake 1.9


Kettlechips said...
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Kettlechips said...

Edit: I got it to work in Ubuntu, but first had to edit config and replace all instances of "/lib/mono/2.0" with "/usr/lib/mono/2.0".

Great program, thanks.