Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The End

It's time to move on, so i am officially announcing the end of the project. The project was great for me to learn new things, but i lost interest when i stopped learning, so i don't find joy on developing it anymore. I will be starting a new project, not related to IM clients.
The code was released with the MIT license, that means you can use the code. Feel free to re-license any parts of the monkey messenger code (except the MSNPSharp library which inherits the DotMSN license).

Thanks for everyone who helped me with code, bug reports, icons, ideas, complaints.. :)


Michael said...

Wow. I used Monkey Messenger for a short while the first time I got sick of aMSN (months ago now... Maybe more than a year :|). Monkey was alright then, if a little incomplete, but I discovered emesene, which at the time was probably just as incomplete but a little more alright :P. I came back today to see how far Monkey had come and I just read that you'd called it quits 0.0. I really hope someone takes the code and continues it, or forks it or something. Good luck with your new projects though :D

luismarianoguerra said...

good luck with your new project, can we know what it is?
an url? :)

Tom Wardill said...

The code has vainished from Google Code.
Do you still have a checkout of it that I can get to look at?