Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Longest TODO list entry ever: Fix P2P

Just forget about the last post, i will continue developing Monkey Messenger, and perhaps Monkey Talk will born some day :)

The reasons for continuing Monkey Messenger:

1 - There are more people trying to fix p2p, like the pymsn guys. And they do a great job, specially oleavr. This guy rock :) They just choose a bad language (yes, i don't like python) to do it.
2 - I spent too much time doing it, don't want to throw it away :)
3 - I don't quit, ever! I do change plans, but this is not the case :)

About Telepathy:

It's nice, and my work on MSNPSharp can integrate with it.

About Emesene:

I would join forces with them, but i just don't like python :)

About Python:

1 - I like compiling things, it reduces bugs;
2 - I like to define types to my variables;
3 - Where is the damn switch ? (Note: python doesn't have switch, makes me laugh hehehe very funny);
4 - I can't just call wsdl.exe SoapService.wsdl and everything starts working like on C# :);
5 - It's slow;
6 - I'm not a l33t hacker that uses emacs or vim, and there is no good IDE for python, except for eclipse. But, did i mention that i don't like java? :)
7 - Just ONE good way to do it? Why there are so many python frameworks? It's just contradictory.

It's just like religion, politics and football teams, there are many people with different opinion, and i will just not change mine so soon because i like C# very very much :)
And please, no need to curse me, i don't mean to offend :) It's just my stupid opinion.

About the MSN Docs:

There are no good documentation for it. The good part of the docs are about the Nameserver part. This is the easy part, i can just debug it with Wireshark.
The hard part is the p2p part, and the docs are either incomplete or wrong.



Nimbus said...

I'm glad you are sticking with monkey messenger. It would be awesome with ha great jabber client, so far I haven't found one I really like. But I would much rather have an awesome msn client that uses gtk and supports offline messages and all that jazz.

How come you like C# but dislike java? They don't seem all that different to me.

Prozac said...

keep up the good work! this is by far the best alternative IM in Linux, so dont give up.

this is the best example of things getting done in C# on Linux, this will affect people on developing good looking applications for both platforms, and yes i know python works on pretty much everything but more reasons to dont give up! C coder Pride!

PD: sorry for the bad english, im from Venezuela :P hope you get the idea xD

Spayder26 said...

dear Thiago... you can compile python scripts, and generate .pyc, did you know?

I'd like python, it's slow, I know, but it's fast to develop with.

I don't like microsoft's languages, it's what I think.

YoNgShUn said...

can someone do a windows version??

elsagas said...

Hello dude, i like your not use python, keep with C#.. there are other MSN Clients in python..this one is unique because of Mono well implemented.

I am Java programmer..maybe i can help :-)

Sry for my english im from Uruguay and i will promote your software in my blog

. said...

Did this project died?

Thiago M. Sayão said...

No, still alive :)
Just passing thru a hard thing to fix, as this blog topic explains :)

luismarianoguerra said...

hi, im marianoguerra from emesene, just keep up the good work!, its sad that because of language barriers we cant join forces, but choices are good, and also, its fun to have a project like this, and see that people like it and use it.
Also is nice to see where we are now, and all that we learned.

PS: yeah MSN protocol sucks bad!, but people in argentina use only MSN :S.

patroclo7 said...

I have just discovered monkey. I like very much the extra clean and snappy interface. I like also the essentiality of features. May be the only think I miss of the big brothers I used in the past (such as amsn) is the ability to see the image of my contacts in the conversation and in the contact list. Or is this possible and I am missing something (I am using the last svn version)?

Thiago M. Sayão said...

patroclo7: There is code for it and it was working, but i broke it some time ago and it currently doesn't work.

ekerazha said...

What about a Christmas gift? :-p