Wednesday, April 18, 2007

File Transfers

In the past week i did some improvements on file transfers, here is a screenshot:

It's not still finished and i don't like all the code i did, but it's getting into shape. At least it works :)
Btw, the .deb packages are very old, and a lot of people seems to be using them. Would be nice to have some scripts to make the package, perhaps using debhelper. Anyone up to the task?

Another thing, i will be moving monkey messenger to launchpad soon :) I just need to figure out how to use bazaar and have some time to set everything up. Bug reports can be done there, please.

And yes, i love the Opel Astra. I own an Chevrolet Astra 2006 which is a cooler version of the old opel astra, but the newer one... i wish i could have one :)

Well, that's it :)


Jul10 César said...

In a past entry i said that would be nice to have a banner in the main window. Some say that a banner is useless but for some of us is an aesthetic thing. I still see the main window a little bit "empty".

I know is useless (from a practical point) but someone pointed out that the banner feature could be optional, I second that. For me could be optional in a second plain even (I mean, no banner by default, even though the logic is the other way around).

Anonymous said...

I couldn't find any contact for you Thiago, so this will have to do..

I'm using MSNP-Sharp (under Windows, particularly WPF), its nice and fun to play with, but I've got a couple of problems.

First, whenever I 'sign off', my contact appears in the 'mobile' panel for other users.
I'm just using Messenger.Disconnect();, should I be using something else?

Secondly, I'm having problems with display images - both setting my own (I can set the initial image, but it doesn't seem to want to change), and getting others (seems to always return null).

I'm rather new (as in, this is uhm, my third attempt?) at C#/.NET, so I apoligise if its a really idiotic mistake on my behalf ;)

guillaume said...

I just discovered monkey messenger last week and I'm very impressed, you do a great job. I like how you keep the interface simple & clear and the way conversation are displayed is one of the best i've seen.

keep up the good work!

Snazzy said...

is possible hide the search field? is very ugly...

Jul10 César said...

I can't install monkeymessenger (svn) on ubuntu feisty.

The told me:
"configure: error: No C# compiler found"

And I have build-essentials installed...

César said...

You need to install mono to get the C# compiler

Jul10 César said...


I have installed mono and the "/usr/bin/mono" is there but still the prompt says "configure: error: No C# compiler found"

I don't know what happens.

Jaime Rave said...

Check if you have the mono-mcs and the mono-gmcs installed.

Jul10 César said...

Men, i've already installed it but I had to edit configure file and change /lib/mono/2.0/ to /usr/lib/mono/2.0/ even with all that you mention installed (automake1.9, mono-gmcs, mono-mcs).

Your app is great, i'm looking forward to it. is very light and clean. One feature that i'd like to see is "view contact status (offline/online)" i hate the groups division stuff.

PS: You should put the dependencies in a file inside the monkeymsn directory.

Jul10 César said...

and i found a bug in the file transfer. I've tried to cancel downloads and the monkeymsn didn't follow the instruction.

And the speed at i was suppose to be downloading wasn't my real speed (248KB/s oh please).

Thiago M. Sayão said...

hehe that's not a bug, it's not implemented, it's incomplete. The file transfer just works transfering throught the msn server which is slow, someone (probably me) has to fix the p2p transfer :)

ekerazha said...

What about porting Monkey Messenger (DotMSN) to the Telepathy (Tapioca?) framework?

Joel Calado said...

(/usr/lib/monkeymsn/monkeymsn.exe:7458): Gtk-WARNING **: Invite: missing action Invite
System.Net.Sockets.SocketException: The socket is not connected
at System.Net.Sockets.Socket.Shutdown (SocketShutdown how) [0x00000]
at MSNPSharp.Core.SocketMessageProcessor.Disconnect () [0x00000]
at MSNPSharp.NSMessageProcessor.Disconnect () [0x00000]
at MSNPSharp.NSMessageHandler.OnXFRReceived (MSNPSharp.Core.NSMessage message) [0x00000]
at MSNPSharp.NSMessageHandler.HandleMessage (IMessageProcessor sender, MSNPSharp.Core.NetworkMessage message) [0x00000]

And it doesnt connect....

Thiago M. Sayão said...


There is no good reason to do this. The goal of monkey messenger is to fully support all the msn features. That would be much harder to archive with telepathy.

Nirev said...

Hey, Thiago.

I'm using MonkeyMsn now, and I think it's a great goal you have.

One sugestion I have, is the ability to change Fonts' settings, at least in the contact list.

In the overall..
Valeu cara, o programa tá ficando muito bom. Gostei de ver. Parabéns mesmo!