Monday, January 29, 2007

Monkey Messenger

Monkey Messenger is an open source (MIT licensed) MSN client written using the MONO framework, gtk+ and the and a modified version of the DotMSN library.

The objective is to build a fully featured MSN Client, with all the functionality provided by the official MSN 7 client. For that, we've changed the DotMSN library to work with MSNP11, which is the protocol version for MSN 7. When MSNP11 is fully covered, we will move to MSNP13.

Monkey Messenger will follow the HIG and the KISS principle.

Current Status

Currently, Monkey Messenger have the basics working and some other features like:
  • Display pictures
  • Group support
  • Timestamping
  • Tabbed chat windows
  • Is possible to choose any state for your login status
  • Messenger Plus Nick Format Support
  • Support for Personal Message
  • Emoticons
  • Nudges
  • And a lot more.
We need more people to launch our first beta, you can help if you want to code something or want to test and report bug. Any little help will make the difference.

You're welcome to join the Monkey Messenger team. If you want to help, contact me (jaimerave at gmail dot com) or Thiago (thiago.sayao at gmail dot com) the project leader. See the TODO file included in the source to find what you can do.


The latest code can always be checked out from sourceforge SVN (Subversion) repository:

svn co monkeymessenger

You can browse the source here.

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